Enermax has mainstream 80Plus Gold PSUs

June 2, 2009 | 12:14

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COMPUTEX 2009: Enermax is pushing 87+ efficiency with a new, as yet un-named series of power supplies. They come fitted with unique Enermax Magma red fans and the same ruggedized exterior the Revolution 85+ uses.

These new products will be available very soon and will be initially featuring in the modest 450-650W range, but will sit above the Pro/Modu 82+ range in price. Considering the 82+ are already quite expensive in the UK, will the 87+ 80Plus Gold series be too expensive, or offer enough saving in a few extra percent efficiency for a good return?

Inside Enermax uses a tuned topology based around a similar standard DC-DC design its Revolution uses, but with more control at the primary and secondary phases to improve efficiency further.

Enermax’s new lighted fans with many-LEDs will also be featured in its new Liberty Eco PSUs. As far as fans go they certainly look pretty awesome and may actually bring us back to liking LED fans in a PSU again...as long as Enermax add an on/off switch, obviously.

Enermax refused letting us take a look inside its new PSUs, despite the fact we brought our own tools... maybe later once everyone has gone home...

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Enermax has mainstream 80Plus Gold PSUs

Enermax has mainstream 80Plus Gold PSUs

Enermax has mainstream 80Plus Gold PSUs

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