FSP Announces Aurum PSU Range

January 19, 2011 | 13:44

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Power supply manufacturer FSP, which is responsible for a surprisingly high percentage of OEM units, has announced its first entry into the enthusiast-grade retail PSU market with its new Aurum series.

The new PSUs not only meet the 80Plus Gold Standard for power efficiency - with FSP claiming upwards of 90 per cent achievable under standard use, but the Aurum series also features the company's patented Multi-Intelligence Ability technology.

According to FSP, this packs pulse width modulation control, power factor correction, active clamping and double-circuited over-voltage protection into a single IC, resulting in reduced size and weight, while ensuring maximum efficiency and protection.

The company has also kitted out the PSUs with its Arrow Flow technology; a ventilation system that the company claims will harness natural aerodynamics in order to keep the PSU cool, even when the included fluid-bearing fan is spinning at its minimum speed.

Knowing that the enthusiast market puts a higher value on aesthetics than its OEM customers, the company has also put some serious thought into the design of the Aurum series. This includes eye-catching highlights on the fan vent, and a 'granite-touch' finish on the entire surface of the PSU.

Unlike many 'manufacturers' in the enthusiast-grade PSU arena, FSP will be manufacturing the devices in its own facilities - and it's confident enough in its abilities, honed over years of manufacturing OEM PSUs, to offer a five-year warranty on the retail boxed edition. Since publishing this story earlier today FSP has told us that the 700W Aurum PSU is expected to retail at £105.99 inc VAT in the UK when it goes on sale later this year.

Do you like the look of FSP's Aurum series, or is the enthusiast market already bursting at the seams with high-spec PSUs? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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