R600 to hit 1GHz - rumours

Written by Brett Thomas

January 23, 2007 | 07:57

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The ATI answer to NVIDIA's DirectX 10 mammoth GeForce 8800 series may be more powerful than we think. There are rumours flying 'round that the A15 version of the R600 will be topping over 1GHz. Of course, we're talking about pure, unadulterated speculation, being as the first production class silicon (known as A12) isn't even released.

There is also bit of info about the actual R600 launch itself. The date is now expected to be either March 8th or 9th, and the product will be launched under the Radeon X2k moniker. This launch date would put the product in public eye shortly before CeBIT, a perfect time to generate some buzz. If so, the launch may steal a little of NVIDIA's thunder at its own rumoured launches (which are expected around the same time frame).

Originally, the R600 is rumoured to launch as the Radeon X2800, and will come with either 512MB of GDDR3 (XT) or 512MB / 1GB of GDDR4 (XTX). The clocks of these parts are claimed to be set at 750/2200MHz for the XTX and 600/1800MHz for the XT. Both variants will feature a 512-bit memory interface.

The A15 version of the R600 is said to be already taped out, so if this is at all factual we should see a refresh of the product line very shortly after release. The R680 is already being tossed around as a Q3 2007 part, so there won't be much time for the R600 to really make its mark.

The news heralds from some Chinese websites claiming to be 'in the know'. Despite dubious authenticity, the 1GHz info in particular is spreading like wildfire across the net, with people already clamouring about the second version of a product whose first version hasn't even seen the light of day. It's not that we don't believe them, it's just that... well, we'll believe it when we see it.

With all the possible revisions and new product launches within 6 months on the ATI calendar, could sales be impacted? Do you think you'll buy one, or wait a couple months to see if ATI bests its own product? Let us know your thoughts in our forums.
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