Samsung announces 16GB flash chips

Written by Brett Thomas

September 12, 2005 | 16:04

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Samsung Electronics Co. has announced their newest achievement today: 16gb NAND memory chips. Yes, you read that right, 16gb on one chip, a technological move that could bring us close to 100gb storage cards and flash devices in no time.

'Memory cards containing multiple 16-gigabit NAND chips mean "You will be able to take your entire music and personal video libraries with you," Chang-Gyu Hwang, president of the company's semiconductor operations, told reporters.'

And just in case you worried about this new technology costing a fortune, Samsung would like to remind everybody that everyone's favorite trend, Apple Computer, has already signed on in bulk. With such heavy-hitters already in the market, Mr. Hwang believes that prices should fall very quickly. This should allow more companies to have access to the technology at reasonable prices, and some speculate that could happen even by the end of 2005. You can read more at Yahoo! News.

Currently, the iPod Nano is the only player to support up to 4gb of solid-state memory, which is considerably more energy efficient, more reliable, and lighter than its cousin, the micro hard drive. The Nano just happens to already be powered by Samsung's flash chips, meaning a greater storage-capacity version will surely not be far off. Will a 16gb (or even 32gb) model make the nano even more attractive? Sing us your song on the future of flash in our forums.
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