Samsung intros 4GB flash drive for Vista

Written by Glen Chivers

July 27, 2006 | 10:14

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Samsung, one of the worlds biggest memory manufactures has announced a 4GB flash drive specifically designed to work with the upcoming Windows Vista to make the OS "lightning fast" by pre-loading frequently used applications from the flash drive instead of the hard drive.

By using Windows ReadyBoost - a Microsoft technology which allows users to add solid state memory to the computer even in the form of a USB pen drive to increase performance - 4GB should be enough to host several major applications.

Since flash drives can provide up to 5000 requests per second compared to a hard drives 200, users may well see huge performance increases.

Any ordinary flash drive can be used with ReadyBoost however knowing Samsung, this product is most likely a more superior form of flash drives with a longer life and able to handle more read-write cycles than normal flash drives.

Production will commence soon and should be ready for when Vista is released early next year, however Samsung has not yet released a price. Vista is already a hardware heavy OS, it may be worth paying the extra price to gain this performance boost. Along with ReadyBoost already comes SuperFetch and ReadyDrive which are Microsoft's efforts to make Vista run smoothly. More information about these performance boosting features can be found here.

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