Samsung announces 8GB music phone

Written by Geoff Richards

March 6, 2006 | 15:09

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Samsung has announced a new phone that will sport a whopping 8GB of storage. The SGH-i310 doubles the capacity of last year's 4GB i300x music phone and will be displayed for the first time at this week's CeBit show.

The full specification is impressive:
  • Windows Mobile 5.0
  • 8GB 1-inch hard drive
  • 2 Megapixel camera with flash
  • Video recording / playback
  • TV-out
  • Audio:
    • MP3
    • AAC
    • AAC+
    • WMA
    • WAV
    • Ogg
  • dual speakers with digital amplification
  • Stereo Bluetooth headset
  • USB 2.0
  • microSD expandable memory card storage
What more could one want really? Double the storage of the most capacious iPod nano (4GB) without the need to carry around a second device. We expect to see more of the SGH-i310 in a few days at CeBit and Samsung has said the phone will be available in Europe during the second half of this year.


Samsung's 8GB SGH-i310

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