Sandy Bridge-E power draw and pricing details emerge

Written by Paul Goodhead

August 16, 2011 | 11:16

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Intel’s new LGA2011 processors are due for release later this year and it looks like the company will be taking the unusual step of shipping them without a reference cooler.

The decision, first reported by VR-Zone, seems logical to us as the Sandy Bridge-E processors are going to be targeted at enthusiasts and enterprise users, most of which will install third party cooling solutions or even water cooling.

It appears that Intel will still be selling its own coolers for the LGA2011 socket, but you’ll have to buy these separately from the processors, which seems like a strange move - why would you buy a reference cooler over a third party effort?

The website also claims to have additional information on the power draw of the first LGA2011 CPUs to hit the market - the 3820, 3930K and the 3960X. Each processor will apparently have a TDP of a whopping 130W, though that figure allegedly rises to something more like 180W when the processors are pushed.

To supply this extreme demand PSU manufacturers are being asked to make sure their 8-pin 12VEPS connector can supply a peak current of 23A.

This sounds like an obscene amount of power and we can’t help thinking that cooler manufacturers are going to have their work cut out designing coolers that can both dissipate the waste heat of an 180W cooler, and fit between the two banks of memory sandwiching the LGA2011 socket.

In addition to the new information about power draw, more details on the proposed pricing for the processors have also emerged. See the table below for a summary of the rumoured prices and specifications of the three launch day CPUs.

Max Turbo3.9GHz3.8GHz3.9GHz
L3 Cache10MB12MB15MB
Unlocked MultiplierNoYesYes

Do you expect Sandy Bridge-E to be difficult to cool? Are you planning a LGA 2011 build? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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