Sapphire shows off graphics wares and skintight babes

Written by Wil Harris

May 12, 2006 | 00:05

Tags: #babes #cards

Companies: #e3 #sapphire

Fresh from the launch of its X1900 GT card, ATI partner Sapphire is showing off its wares here at E3.

Sapphire is the only ATI presence here at the show, and the guys are making the most of it, giving away plenty of freebies to passing gamers and making sure that the skin-tight-cat-suit-clad Sapphire girls keep the punters entertained.

On the stand the company is showing its range of graphics boards, from X1900 XTX all the way down to X800 GTO. Also around for perusal are ATI-based motherboards, including its latest CrossFire and PURE boards.

We also spotted a rather cool PC rig running. Housed in a custom acrylic enclosure - themed around the 'Blizzard' cooling solution - it features dual watercooled X1900 cards and a watercooled processor, too. The blue LEDs and white acrylic lend a very funky ice-cold feel to the mod.

Sapphire is hoping that its X1900 GT card will hit the UK market below £200, which we suggested would make it a good rival for the 7900 GT. Why not let us know your thoughts over in the forums?

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