Sapphire silently releases X1800GTO²

Written by Brett Thomas

June 27, 2006 | 15:19

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Companies: #ati #sapphire

ATI have not let up one bit since before CeBit, throwing product after product into their X1000 line of cards to boost languishing sales and difinitively take the crown from NVIDIA.

It should come as no surprise that yet another card is coming out from one of their board partners to take the mid-range battle to NVIDIA. Sapphire has silently launched its Radeon X1800 GTO², as a preview of its new video card has appeared on French hardware site

The X1800 GTO² is a follow-up limited production (read: dead die SKU) video card based on the now discontinued R520 graphics processing unit. This is very similar to the original Sapphire X1800 GTO, which we reviewed earlier this year.

However, unlike the first Radeon X1800GTO, the new model boasts a fully active 16 pixel pipelines and a full 512MB of Samsung 1.2ns GDDR3 memory. The card comes with modest clock speeds of 500/1000MHz. Cooling is provided by the familiar dual-slot, noisy monster that cools Sapphire's Radeon X1900XTX models.

No price has been released yet, so we can't tell you whether the card is a good deal compared to the very similar Radeon X1800XL. But you can bet we'll have a more comprehensive review up as soon as we can get one of these up close and personal.

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