Seagate goes Bluetooth

Written by Brett Thomas

February 2, 2007 | 16:47

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Mobile storage was Seagate's big vision at CES this year, as it looks to expand on the growing market. The company's focus has really shifted to being able to access and control your data on-the-go, where it's most useful to you. With that in mind, it's easy to understand why we're being introduced to DAVE - the pocket HDD no bigger than most cell phones, pre-packed with WiFi and Bluetooth.

DAVE is short for "Digital Audio Video Experience," which is exactly what Seagate hopes the drive can become. With both 10GB and 20GB models, it should be able to carry a good share of your media with you. And since it uses WiFi and Bluetooth, it will be easy to connect to most mobile devices - even your cell phone. In order to make sure of that connectivity, DAVE will be based on entirely open standards - however, there is no word on potential DRM issues yet.

The drive is expected to have about 14 days of stand-by battery life, and about 10 hours of streaming before it needs a recharge. What it won't have, oddly enough, is any form of USB connection or card reader - this may hamper its sales, since it will be limited to those who understand their wireless setups. Seagate will not be selling the product under its own name, instead licensing it out to various other companies.

The possibilities for DAVE are pretty exciting, but its usefulness will depend largely on its execution. Whether good or bad, you can expect to see it in stores during the 2nd quarter of this year.

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