Silverstone FT01: Liked the TJ07, you’ll love this

March 7, 2008 | 07:49

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As we know, many of you are fanboys for Silverstone cases - especially the curvy TJ07. So, we thought you might like this: the FT01, or Fortress 01. In the same way as the TJ07 was, the FT01 is also formed from a single sheet of aluminium, curved into a U shape and pressed around to make the top, front and bottom.

Everything else is then bolted to this. The reason why it’s taken so long to arrive is that the process is extremely difficult to perfect – either the aluminium warps or bounces out of shape once it’s bent; however, Silverstone seems to have fixed this process enough to produce a second case with a smaller form factor based on the technology.

It features two huge 15cm fans with a very low RPM in the front and the top of the case, as well as a 120mm in the rear. The PSU sits at the button and vents in front underneath. Seven hard drive bays are all separately loaded by plastic holders and include vibration dampening and the option of quick release.

The upper drive cage is removable should you use an exceptionally long graphics card, although both aren’t – this case isn’t designed for super-high end multi-GPU. It does however include a small rear switch for the CMOS - providing your motherboard has a traditional three pin out, although it's still a good initiative to try and help the overclocker.

The price should be about 50 Euro less than the TJ07, so around about 150 to 200 Euros.

Silverstone has also made an ESA unit that can convert any case into ESA compliant - a simple 5.25" drive has the driver, temperature probes and fan connectors for all this - all it needs is a USB to a compatible Nvidia motherboard. Even though Nvidia won't officially certify it, it should make upgrading easier!

Find the pictures below and let us know what you think about it in the forums.

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