Sky declare war on cable firms

Written by Jason Cundall

October 18, 2005 | 14:40

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The Murdoch Media Empire is expected to get a little bit bigger this week. Sky (Rupert's UK satellite broadcasting company) is expected to buy-out Telco / ISP Easynet - a move that analysts expect to be the first shot in a war against the UK's cable TV companies, who, until now, have had free reign in the provision of combined Digital TV and Broadband services:

"British Sky Broadcasting will this week announce a takeover of Easynet, the listed telecoms company, in a move that signals the start of a more aggressive battle against its cable TV rivals.

The acquisition - at a price of up to £150m - represents Sky's first step towards becoming a major force in the UK internet arena and makes the broadcaster a direct rival in the broadband market to the likes of BT, AOL and Wanadoo.

The takeover of Easynet will also allow Sky to offer a "triple play" of pay-TV, broadband internet and telephone services to its customer base, which is expected to total 8m subscribers by the end of the year."

More from the Telegraph here.

Good thing, or are Easynet selling out to the Prince of Darkness? I imagine that we'll see some pretty competitive deals start to come out of Murdoch Towers for combined TV / BB packages, in much the same way as the Cable companies have done in the past - but do we really want to give our Broadcasting Overlord even more money?

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