NVIDIA SLI has problems with widescreen

Written by Tim Smalley

May 4, 2005 | 00:10

Tags: #forceware #sli

Companies: #dell #nvidia

Just a quick late night news post for y'all...

We have just learned that NVIDIA are having more resolution problems than we first thought. Our recent news story regarding problems with interlaced High-Definition resolutions is not the only problem that the jolly green graphics giants have at the moment.

HardOCP have an interesting top story right now, stating that many end users are reporting major problems with monitors such as Dell's 2005FPW Widescreen LCD panel.

The problems are reported problems range from 'jittery' or 'rolling' screens during gameplay right the way to problems with getting Vsync to work. Our understanding is that Vsync does not work with Alternate Frame Rendering, so that may be related to the problems that are being reported.

HardOCP have been in contact with NVIDIA, and are expecting that a fix will arrive in about a month's time. For further information, including additional reading material, check out the top news item on HardOCP.

Got an SLI setup, and having problems with widescreen resolutions? Discuss them here!
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