Adobe demos FlashTime video calling

July 20, 2010 | 10:16

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Adobe is continuing to get Apple's back up, this time by creating a video chat application 'inspired' by the company's new FaceTime product and powered by Adobe Air.

The app - dubbed FlashTime, although if Adobe doesn't want to start paying its lawyers vast amounts of money that name is likely to change on release - is built around Adobe Air 2.5 for Android, which is described by the company's Mark Doherty on his blog as offering "feature parity with the desktop Flash Platform."

What this means is that the mobile version of Flash - and Air - can now access on-board cameras and microphones, which is where the FlashTime demo comes in. For Android-based devices that have a front-mounted camera, peer-to-peer video chatting is now possible - pretty much what Apple's FaceTime offers iPhone 4 users - over both WiFi and 3G connections.

Doherty does warn that although all the features shown in the demo video are "working," some of them might not be stable enough "to make it into the v1 product."

With Apple continuing to snub Adobe's Air and Flash development platforms and refusing such software to run on its iOS devices - including the iPhone and iPad - it's pretty embarrassing for Adobe to be going from strength to strength on a rival mobile platform, and doubly so when it releases free software which steals the thunder from one of iOS 4's biggest features.

Do you think that Adobe's work on Air and Flash for Android is the way mobile apps should go, or is Apple right to snub Flash and insist on natively-written apps for its mobile platform? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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