Adobe Photoshop and Creative Suite to become subscription-only

Written by Edward Chester

May 6, 2013 | 21:04

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Adobe has revealed that the next version of its Creative Suite will be available exclusively via its cloud-based, subscription-only interface, Creative Cloud.

Up until recently the company only offered standalone copies of its products, with discounts available for upgrades. However, just over a year ago it started offering a subscription-based distribution model, and it is this that the company now sees as the future.

The new suite of software is being released on 17 June and will be priced at either £17.58 inc VAT ($19.99) per month for individual apps or £46.88 inc VAT ($49.99) per month for the full suite. This means a two-year subscription works out as costing about the same as a standalone copy of the software.

Easing the transition for existing customers, Adobe is offering discounts of up to 60% for owners of CS3 and up. It will also have special subscriptions for schools, governments and other 'secure' users. Meanwhile CS6 will not get any new features from now on, with only security patches and bug fixes.

The New Creative Cloud will feature new versions of all its component apps, including the likes of Photoshop, Premiere, InDesign and Dreamweaver.

Photoshop - still the suite's most popular single app - is receiving a number of major features to help fix fudged photos, the most standout of which is a new blur removal tool. This helps improve the look of shots that have been blurred due to camera shake, with results looking sharper and more detailed. Also new is an improved sharpening algorithm that automatically detects which parts of the image to sharpen and which not to, i.e. only applying sharpen to a subject in the foreground and not the blurred background.

As for the rest of the suite, Illustrator users can now apply basic alterations to individual characters of text and have these remain, even when the text is then changed later on. On the video side of things, the full range are to receive updates that allow settings to be synced across workstations. Adobe has also built a new iPhone app for Kuler, its web service used to build and share colour swatches. The new app uses the phone's camera to detect a set of colours and then sends that selection to Illustrator.
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