Adobe preps 64-bit Air build

May 6, 2009 | 16:22

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With work continuing on the 64-bit version of Flash, Adobe has announced another trial run of a 64-bit native client – this time for Air.

As reported over on DownloadSquad, the company is expanding on its work creating a native 64-bit Flash client for Linux with another client for its Air rich Internet application platform – a boon for anyone trying to run a fully native 64-bit system.

According to Adobe's Ashutosh Sharma, the current build isn't yet suitable for public distribution, but is good enough to allow alpha testers to get their hands on it. Providing you're willing to submit bug reports back to Adobe when you encounter the inevitable niggles that come with making the move to 64-bit, Sharma asks that you e-mail him to get early access to the alpha.

Sadly for anyone that was hoping a 64-bit build of Air meant that work on the Flash project was complete, Adobe has yet to make any mention of an official release date for a finished 64-bit Flash client on any operating system. While the pre-release Linux build is still available for download, Adobe has not yet made good on its promise to get Windows and Mac up to speed. Equally, the company is keeping silent about when we might see 64-bit support in the full client release – aside from a comment that it won't be here until “the next major release.

With Linux users being the most vocal about a lack of true 64-bit native applications, it's the squeaky wheel which is getting the oil – but it's hard to see Adobe not bringing the Windows and Mac versions of both Air and Flash into the 21st century once it's fairly certain the obvious bugs have been ironed out.

Tempted to grab the alpha of Air and see what exciting bugs await you, or have you yet to find a use for the “rich Internet applications” it offers? Are you sad that the Linux weenies get to have all the fun? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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