AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta introduces Eyefinity 3

May 28, 2014 | 10:40

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AMD has released a new set of beta drivers for its graphics products, and while Catalyst 14.6 Beta might headline with improved performance for hack-'em-up Watch Dogs it comes with a surprise bonus: the ability to run an Eyefinity setup with non-matching monitors.

AMD's multi-display solution, Eyefinity allows the user to create a video wall of monitors in a variety of configurations. The most common is a three-display setup, with a central monitor providing the main view and angled monitors at the side simulating peripheral vision. Traditionally, Eyefinity has required that all monitors are running at the same resolution - but the new beta drivers change that.

Under Eyefinity 3, available with the Catalyst 14.6 Beta driver bundle and to be rolled into the general release soon, a user can configure a multi-display layout using mixed resolutions. AMD's official examples suggest using a pair of 1,600x1,200 displays alongside a 1,920x1,600 display to create a 5,120x1,200 virtual display, or using a pair of 1,920x1,080 displays and a central 2,560x1,080 display for a whopping 6,400x1,080 setup.

Using custom bezel alignment, AMD claims that the new Eyefinity software allows for a variety of multi-display modes: a fill mode is identical to the previous Eyefinity release, and works best with matched monitors; a fit mode creates an Eyefinity surface using the best available rectangular area; and an expand mode uses the displays as viewports onto a virtual surface. A new one-click setup option is also included, to get Eyefinity running as easily as possible on new installations.

The new driver bundle also includes performance improvements - up to 28 per cent in Watch Dogs and 16 per cent in Murdered: Soul Suspect - alongside support for multi-GPU setups in the Thief reboot, Mantle improvements, JPEG decoding acceleration on all AM1 products, and improved colour controls. The beta drivers can be downloaded from the official website.
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