Apple releases Mac OS 10.5.5 update

September 17, 2008 | 11:52

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Apple fans rejoice – the latest update for Mac OS X 'Leopard' has now been released, and brings some important bugfixes for the platform.

According to Webmonkey, the new build – 10.5.5 – fixes some MacBook Air-specific issues with video playback, poor idle power usage and remote disc sharing. Perhaps most importantly for all Mac owners is that a particularly nasty DNS issue has been resolved – and not before time.

It's not all security fixes, either: 10.5.5 includes the ability to save your iPhone data via the Time Machine backup service, performance improvements to the Spotlight indexing system, enhanced synchronisation capabilities for iCal and the Address Book for iPhone users, and some improvements to the package.

Coming in at 136MB, the download – which can be applied to any version of 'Leopard' from the original 10.5 release to 10.5.4 – is a must-have for any Mac OS X 10.5 users. As with previous updates, you can choose to install via the Software Update option in the Apple menu or instead download a stand-alone installer from Apple's website – handy if you're upgrading several machines and want to save your bandwidth.

A full list of changes in 10.5.5 is available on Apple's knowledgebase, along with instructions on installation.

Any MacBook Air owners hoping that this will introduce a bit of extra reliability into their lives? Perhaps you're a MobileMe user just hoping that it might start working once you've updated? Share your thoughts and experiences over in the forums.
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