Google launches Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum

July 19, 2012 | 11:37

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Google has opted to show off the power of the internet by encroaching on the physical realm, launching a new exhibition at the Science Museum in London.

Launching - in true Google style - in beta, the exhibition takes the form of five physical installations - Universal Orchestra, Data Tracer, Sketchbots, Teleporter, and Lab Tag Explorer - which will be available for hands-on time for visitors at the Science Museum.

The exhibitions aren't just there for visitors, however: people can also interact with them over the internet, thanks to the other half of the project dubbed Web Lab. Those interacting with Universal Orchestra, for example, can use Google Chrome's WebSockets functionality to collaborate with others in making real-world music through robotic instruments in the museum.

'By opening up the museum experience to the world online, Web Lab doesn’t play by the usual rules,' claimed Jayme Goldstein, Google's product marketing manager for Chrome, on behalf of the Web Lab team. 'A visitor's location and museum opening hours no longer matter.'

Goldstein claims that the exhibition, which will be available in the free-entry Science Museum for the next year, will live up to its beta moniker, being tweaked and modified over time as the engineers behind it respond to user feedback or come up with new ideas of their own.

If you're curious to see what the advertising giant has created, point your browser at - but expect plenty of things to go wrong if you're not running Google's own Chrome browser. Alternatively, head on over to the Science Museum itself - entry is free - or check out the video below.

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