Google I/O: Watch it here

Written by Edward Chester

May 15, 2013 | 16:40

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Google is just about to kick of its annual developer conference, Google I/O, so we thought what better way to get the conversation going than host the live stream right here - it'll be like Twitter, but on a forum, or something.

Google I/O, and in particular the opening keynote speech thereof, is traditionally the event where the company reveals its most significant new technologies and innovations, such as new versions of Android. Last year saw it spectacularly demonstrate Google Glass, with stunt men leaping from planes and abseiling down the Moscone Center, where the event is held, all while streaming video from the wearable computing device.

This year Google is expected to reveal details of Android 4.3 Key Lime Pie as well as announce a streaming music service and the recently leaked Google Play Games service.

We'll be reporting on all the big stories after the event but if you want to catch the action live, it all kicks off 17:00 BST.
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