Hiccups mar iPhone 3.0 update

June 18, 2009 | 14:20

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Apple's iPhone 3.0 operating system upgrade went live yesterday, but not everyone is happy with the way things went.

Reports of Apple's authentication and file download servers being overloaded are rife, including several errors received by CNet's Stephen Shankland when he attempted to upgrade his iPhone to the latest version.

The issues, likely to have been caused by a greater than expected demand from iPhone owners to be running the latest build as soon as it was released, extended to even downloading the installer from the App Store section of iTunes with users reporting their downloads timing out before completion several times in a row.

Sadly, it appears that these may have been the lucky ones: Gizmodo reports that multiple users are claiming that the upgrade is somehow de-registering their iPhones from AT&T's US network and 'bricking' the handset, causing the 'phone to enter a locked state – preventing any calls aside from to emergency numbers.

Thankfully, that particular issue doesn't appear to be too widespread – although niggling problems with the authentication servers continued to plague users for most of the launch day.

For those who managed to persevere with the update, the iPhone 3.0 OS brings some much-needed tweaks that have previously only been available to those hacking types who have jailbroken their handset and installed third party software. Among the new features are support for the on-screen keyboard when in landscape orientation, an in-built voice recording app, improvements to the search and calendar functions, support for stereo Bluetooth headets, and a faster build of Safari. Other features – notably the ability to copy and paste text, and the functionality to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS) – really should have been there from the start.

Some features – including the ability to tether the iPhone to a laptop in order to share its 3G Internet connectivity without paying for a separate contract on a USB dongle – are carrier dependent, and may not work in all countries in which the iPhone is available. Still, you can't say Apple didn't try.

Any iPhone users managed to upgrade to 3.0 without a hitch, or are you waiting for the dust to settle before giving it a go? Perhaps you use a different smartphone and are boggling at how long it took Apple to include basic functionality like cut 'n paste and MMS? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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