Internet Explorer market share plummets

May 4, 2010 | 10:12

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Microsoft's Internet Explorer has had a bad month of it, with the browser's market share dropping to its lowest point in eleven years in April.

According to research carried out by Net Applications - reported over on ConceivablyTech - Internet Explorer's market spare dropped to a bare majority of 59.95 percent in April - around the same share as Microsoft enjoyed back in 1999 when it launched Internet Explorer 4.

Internet Explorer's loss translates, inevitably, into gains for other browsers - and the biggest winner according to Net Applications' figures is Google's Chrome. While still a minority browser - with just 6.73 percent of the market - Google's browser continues to increase in popularity, maintaining its double-digit growth figures.

Net Applications also shows Firefox gaining ground with 24.59 percent of the browser market - a growth of 0.07 percent in April, although still a significant dip on its height of 24.72 percent in November 2009.

While there are some questions as to the overall accuracy of Net Applications' figures - rival market watcher StatCounter puts Internet Explorer's market share as low as 51.42 percent, with rival browsers figures increased accordingly - one thing is agreed upon: users are continuing to flock away from Microsoft's default web browser.

Whether the company can reverse this trend with the up-coming Internet Explorer 9 - pegged to include DirectX acceleration and HTML 5 support - remains to be seen.

Do you understand why Internet Explorer continues to lose market share, and is there anything that Microsoft can do about it? What's your browser of choice for day-to-day use? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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