The Khronos Group has announced the release of OpenVX 1.3, the latest version of its cross-platform standard for computer vision and machine intelligence acceleration - including an implementation for the Raspberry Pi.

Designed to sit alongside the Khronos Group's other standards, including OpenXR, Vulkan, and OpenGL, OpenVX is designed to offer a cross-platform standard for the acceleration of computer vision and other machine intelligence workloads which is royalty-free and open and with a focus on portability and power efficiency.

'Over the years, OpenVX has evolved an extensive range of functionality to meet the diverse needs of developers using accelerated vision and inferencing. The next step in OpenVX’s evolution is to enable implementations that deliver a focused subset of features that are targeted at specific key use cases,' says Kiriti Nagesh Gowda, OpenVX working group chair, of the organisation's latest release. 'OpenVX 1.3 feature sets provide implementers with the deployment flexibility to implement and optimise just the functionality that their customers need, while still being conformant to the standard and providing cross-vendor interoperability.'

Alongside the release of the standard itself, which comes with code samples and a conformance test suite, the Kronos Group has announced the release of an open-source OpenVX 1.3 implementation for the Raspberry Pi 3, contributed by MulticoreWare. 'We are excited to have worked with Khronos to develop the OpenVX 1.3 Raspberry Pi implementation, conformance test suite, and samples,' says AGK Karunakaran, MulticoreWare chief executive. 'Raspberry Pi is an easily accessible platform for any developer to try out the power of OpenVX to rapidly develop a wide range of applications with optimised memory usage and enhanced performance. This is an exciting next step in the march towards more capable computer vision and machine learning systems, and MulticoreWare is proud to be a leader in this ecosystem.'

More information on the standard can be found on the OpenVX Registry.

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