Mac OS X installed on tablet

June 21, 2010 | 10:25

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The JooJoo tablet might not have been the iPad-killer that its original creators were hoping for, but some users are finding interesting things to do with their new gadget - including creating what many were hoping the iPad would actually be: a tablet running a full copy of Mac OS X.

The feat was carried out by JooJoo forums user HighJinx - via MacStories - and makes use of the fact that the JooJoo uses an x86-compatible Intel Atom processor, rather than the ARM-based chip found in the official iPad, to install a 'hackintosh' copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard onto the gadget.

HighJinx readily admits that it's not a perfect system quite yet: as the JooJoo only has 4GB of space for OS installation, the somewhat portly Snow Leopard had to go on something of an enforced diet - and as there are no official Mac OS X drivers for the touch-screen's controller, there is some development work required before the concept of a true Mac OS X tablet is fully realised.

HighJinx describes the process - which involved shrinking the installation size by removing unnecessary language files and other non-essential parts of the operating system - as "quite the pain to get it [Mac OS X Snow Leopard] installed," but offers other users the encouragement that "it is possible" to do so with a bit of fiddling.

Are you impressed by HighJinx's work, or just disappointed that Apple didn't see the demand for such a device in the first place? Is this what you had hoped the iPad would be? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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