Microsoft fixes IME bug, denies Search and Start Menu issues

September 23, 2019 | 11:35

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Microsoft says it has found a resolution for the CPU-hogging bug in its Windows 10 Input Method Editor (IME), introduced along with the last patch bundle, though claims it has found no evidence backing up reports of severe issues with the Start Menu and Search features.

Following the discovery of a flaw which caused the Cortana search agent to take up masses of CPU time for no good reason, Microsoft released an updated patch to fix the flaw - only for users to report that while Cortana no longer gobbles up CPU cycles, the Search and Start Menu features broke in a variety of serious ways. If that weren't enough, a second CPU-draining issue was discovered in the Windows 10 Input Method Editor (IME) when used with languages including both Simplified and Traditional Chinese - alongside reports of issues with network connectivity, the operation of the Action Centre, microphone audio quality, and in-game audio quality, all of which have reared their head with the same patch roll-up.

Since then, Microsoft has been working to investigate and resolve the issues - and has, in an announcement first spotted by Bleeping Computer, confirmed that the IME issue can be resolved by switching the Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service to manual startup - which it had previously identified as a workaround but now is stating should be the default startup type.

Of greater concern, though, is the news that Microsoft is denying any issues with Search and Start Menu functionality related to either the original Cortana bug or its fix. 'At this time,' the company claims, 'Microsoft has not found a Search or Start issue significantly impacting users originating from KB4515384. We will continue monitoring to ensure users have a high-quality experience when interacting with these areas.'

Those who are still experiencing issues with Search and Start Menu in Windows 10 with the KB4515384 patch bundle installed are advised to report it through the Feedback Hub, run through the Windows 10 Troubleshoot utility, and to carry out the instructions in its Fix problems in Windows Search guide.

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