Microsoft, Hewlett Foundation, Mastercard fund the CyberPeace Institute

September 27, 2019 | 11:19

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Microsoft, the Hewlett Foundation, and Mastercard have pledged funding to the CyberPeace Institute, a non-governmental organisation founded to 'promote peace and stability in cyberspace.'

The flow of technology into everyday live has brought innumerable benefits, but also risks: A growing trend for state-sponsored cyberattacks coupled with increasing volumes of malicious traffic from common or garden ne'er-do-wells has had an undeniable impact on the landscape. In an effort to stop things getting any worse, Microosft, the Hewlett Foundation, Mastercard, and unnnamed other philanthropic organisations have joined forces to create the CyperPeace Institute.

'The global disruptions from cyberattacks are the symptoms of an insidious threat targeting civilians at a time of peace,' claims Stéphane Duguin, head of the EU Internet Referral Unit within Interpol and who will serve as the Institute's chief executive officer. 'We need concrete solutions to build resilience among vulnerable communities, shed light on the malicious activity of attackers and inform responsible behaviour in cyberspace. I am looking forward to leading the CyberPeace Institute towards these goals, and engaging academia, civil society, governments and industry in a collective pursuit of peace in cyberspace.'

'Civilians are at ever greater risk of being targeted by cyberattacks that rage between states and non-state actors alike,' adds Marietje Schaake, former member of the European Parliament who will serve as the Institute's president and chair its 13-member advisory board. 'We need de-escalation and a focus on peace in cyberspace. I am looking forward to contributing to that urgent global agenda as President of the CyberPeace Institute.'

The Institute, which is formed of an eight-member executive board on top of the 13-strong advisory board, aims to help in three key ways: By providing assistance, including the cooridination of recovery efforts for victims of cyberattacks and proactive efforts to protect communities and organisations from attack; accountability, in the facilitation of collective analysis, research, and investigation into cyberattacks; and advancement, with the promotion of positive and responsible behaviour in cyberspace including advancing alignment and adherence to international laws and laws and rules - but not, it seems, promoting the creation of new or expanded laws.

Full details on the CyperPeace Institute and its efforts can be found on the official website.

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