NZXT releases CAM 2.0 monitoring software

April 7, 2015 | 20:08

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NZXT has today announced the full release of CAM 2.0, with new features for PC monitoring and maintenance.

CAM 2.0 is the new version of the free, Windows-based CAM monitoring software, which NZXT launched in May last year. It offers real-time monitoring of various system information like temperatures, load levels, disk space and network usage, and can be set up to alert users when potentially harmful events occur like temperature spikes or fan failure. It also allows you to monitor and control NZXT's CAM-enabled hardware like its Kraken coolers and GRID+ fan controller. While CAM can be used offline just fine, an online CAM account (also free) is required to get the most out of it, as this allows you to monitor multiple systems and view your their historical data for up to a year, as the data is then stored on NZXT's cloud servers.

Lots of this is already offered by similar applications, but CAM attempts to combine everything into one universal program, and it has an undeniably clean and intuitive modular user interface. One new feature of CAM 2.0 is said to be the ability to customise this redesigned interface, but from what we've seen this doesn't stretch beyond applying various skins – hopefully more control over the actual UI is available at a later date. CAM 2.0 also promises double the data detection of the previous version. We're unsure as to how NZXT arrived at that metric, but the new iteration does offer access to more detailed CPU and GPU specifications, motherboard voltage monitoring and HDD S.M.A.R.T. data, for example.

Another new feature is the FPS overlay, and NZXT claims CAM 2.0 is the first monitoring software to feature this. This allows you to have an in-game display of your current FPS, as well as minimum, maximum and averages for the session, the current resolution and graphics settings, and load and temperature levels for both your CPU and GPU. You can customise what is shown and where and in what colour, although for now it is just a real-time monitor – there is presently no FPS or frame time record function like there is with FRAPS, for example, so you can't view and compare data from previous runs at a later date.

Since the original CAM launch, NZXT also brought out a companion app for both iOS and Android users to monitor their PCs remotely via their CAM account. The app also includes push notifications for system alerts. NZXT has promised that from May, an update to the Android app will enabled control (not just monitoring) of CAM-enabled components – no word yet on when this will arrive for iOS users.

CAM 2.0 is a free 25MB download, available from the official website, while the app is available from the Google Play and iTunes stores.
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