SmugMug gets a relaunch, opens to consumers in the UK

Written by Edward Chester

July 30, 2013 | 18:37

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SmugMug, one of the largest online image storing and presentation services has just had a revamp, and launched a new consumer service for UK users too.

SmugMug is, to put it bluntly, a Flickr rival, offering online photo storage with comprehensive controls for managing who and what can see which images. It also has the ability to instantly create a website for showcasing your images - something few other services offer. Unlike Flickr it also offers unlimited storage giving it a key advantage in many people's eyes.

The relaunched version of the service, which apparently took two years to develop, is much cleaner and slicker, with the new website designs all being mobile-friendly thanks to the use of responsive design (the website automatically rejigs itself as the display size changes).

“We've built a product that's not only the most stunning service you've ever seen, but offers unlimited personalization like the web has never seen. Alone among all the major photo sharing services, we understand that photo sharing doesn’t just begin and end with beautiful. It begins with stunning and ends with personal,” said Don MacAskill, CEO and Chief Geek of SmugMug.

As well as templated designs users can also design their own website using WYSIWYG controls. Reports suggest the controls take quite a bit of mastery but the results are certainly impressive.

SmugMug gets a relaunch, opens to consumers in the UK SmugMug gets a relaunch, opens to public in the UK
SmugMug offers instant website creation for showcasing your photos, with the new version using responsive design to best show your photos whatever the screen size.

Smugmug is a paid for service with prices starting from $40 a year for the basic service up to $300 a year with extra services including custom domains, right-clight image copying protection, watermarking and full image-selling services. Previously SmugMug was only available in its pro versions in the UK but it is now available to all users.

Long established, and previous fan favourite, Flickr is a free service but storage is capped at 1TB and it requires a Yahoo, Facebook or Google+ account to login. Another popular photo storage and sharing site is 500px which offers unlimited storage for $25 per year but only has website creation tools for $75 per year.
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