Ubiquitous demos one-second boot tech

March 24, 2010 | 13:57

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Ubiquitous Corp. has released a new technology which it claims can reduce the time it takes for a portable device to boot to a mere one second.

As described over on Linux For Devices, the technology - dubbed QuickBoot, for fairly obvious reasons - is designed for embedded and portable computing devices, and promises to get you up and running from a completely powered off state to a fully-working system just one second.

The system works by restoring a saved memory image, the same way as current devices restore memory state from 'hibernation' mode - but rather than load the entire memory image before giving the user control of the system, QuickBoot is able to choose the parts of the memory which are vital to using the system right now and preferentially load those. Once the system is ready for use, the remaining parts of the memory image are loaded into RAM.

The company is hoping to sell the technology, which it has developed for Linux and Android on ARM-based architecture systems, to OEMs and ODMs creating TVs with embedded computing technology, set-top boxes, highly portable devices such as smartphones and smartbooks, and even the in-car entertainment industry - although has yet to release pricing information.

A side-by-side comparison of a normal restore from hibernation and a QuickBoot restore can be found over on YouTube.

Are you impressed at the speed offered by QuickBoot, or will you only be interested if Ubiquitous ports it to x86 and lets your desktop or laptop enjoy the same speedy boot times? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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