WebOS 2.0 screenshots leak

September 8, 2010 | 09:28

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Screenshots allegedly from a beta release of HP and Palm's upcoming WebOS 2.0 have leaked out onto the Net, and they reveal some features that will come as a delight to fans of the platform.

Captured by Engadget, the screenshots reveal that users will have integration with cloud-based services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and Box directly within the operating system - although the presence of Apple's MobileMe in the list of available services is cause for confusion.

Another enhancement due in WebOS 2.0 is the addition of a default applications selection, allowing users to chop and change which apps are launched as a result of clicking web links, email and street addresses, as well as for certain types of files.

Built-in support for corporate VPN systems, including IPSEC-protected VPNC connections and Cisco's AnyConnect service, looks to have made it in to WebOS 2.0, while the previously announced JustType searching system appears on the desktop and allows combined searching of local and web-based content.

Social networking certainly isn't forgotten, with the platform supporting native integration with sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, along with photo-sharing services including Photobucket.

One thing that's clearly missing from the bevy of screenshots is tablet support: all the images are of a resolution and aspect ratio expected of a smartphone, suggesting they come from a Palm handset rather than the upcoming HP Slate. Whether the Slate's large-display edition of WebOS will differ greatly from the images we've seen so far remains to be seen.

Are you pleased to see HP and Palm continuing to improve WebOS, or are you waiting for an official announcement rather than unattributed screenshots before getting excited? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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