Win 7 SE three-app limit to go

May 26, 2009 | 09:58

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The rumour that Microsoft might be looking to move its Starter Edition version of Windows away from the developing nations and towards netbook users just got more plausible with the news that the three active application limit may be heading the way of the dodo.

According to inveterate Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott – via CNet – the software giant is looking to make Windows 7 Starter Edition a bit more usable than previous releases.

While Starter Edition versions of Windows were first developed for use in developing nations – where Microsoft figured nobody would want more than three applications running at any one time – the improved performance on lighter hardware of Windows 7 has piqued the interest of the netbook market, which currently relies on the soon-to-disappear Windows XP operating system. Although a lightweight Windows 7 would seem ideal on low-powered netbooks, a three application limit is a hard sell in countries used to the joys of multitasking.

As a result, it seems likely that Thurrott's claims that Microsoft is “to remove 3 app limit from Windows 7 Starter [Edition]” has some meat to it – although he has yet to post any additional details or official comment from Microsoft to back up the statement.

The news comes as TechArp posted the supposed maximum hardware specifications allowable to run the netbook-oriented version of Windows 7. With a maximum screen size of 10.2” - down from the current 12.1” limit imposed by Windows XP's licensing – and 1GB of RAM, it's clear that netbooks won't be getting any more powerful if Microsoft has any say. The company is also placing a limitation on the processor that can be used in a netbook if the manufacturer wants to licence the Starter Edition of Windows 7, with only single-core sub-2GHz chips with a TDP of 15W being accepted.

Do you believe that Microsoft is doing the right thing by removing the three application limit in the Starter Edition of Windows 7, or should the company go one step further and ditch the limited system specifications required for licensing? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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