Windows 10 hits 75 million installs in its first month

August 27, 2015 | 11:37

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Microsoft has boasted of a rapid uptake for its latest Windows operating system, with Windows 10 hitting 75 million devices roughly twice as quickly as its predecessors - doubtlessly helped by Microsoft's free upgrade offer.

Windows 10, formerly known as Windows Threshold, marks a sea change for Microsoft. As well as a shift to a long term support model similar to those of its rivals, pledging updates for all Windows 10 users for the next decade, the company is offering the software as a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or higher for the first year after launch. As a result, it's perhaps unsurprising to find that figures shared by Microsoft's corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi show the platform hitting 75 million installs in just one month - roughly double the uptake rate of previous Windows releases, upgrades to which were charged at between £25 and over a hundred pounds.

Other figures shared by Mehdi on microblogging service Twitter and collated on the Windows blog include claims that more than 90,000 unique devices have taken advantage of the upgrade offer - including some models dating back to 2007. The company's recently-added Xbox One integration has also been singled out for praise, with Mehdi claiming that more than 122 years of gameplay have been streamed from the console to linked Windows 10 devices since the service went live.

What has not been shared by the company, however, is the number of users who have taken advantage of the 30-day rollback feature of the Windows 10 upgrade to test-drive the software before returning to their previous operating system. Numerous users on our forums and further afield have reported doing exactly that, citing compatibility issues, bugs in the operating system, privacy concerns, and problems with the new Edge browser as their reasons for giving Windows 10 a little longer in the oven before making the leap.
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