Windows loses market share to Mac OS

November 2, 2009 | 13:49

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Windows 7 is certainly gaining traction in the marketplace, but appears to be doing nothing to stem the flow of users to rival Apple's Mac OS operating system.

Figures from market watcher Net Applications - via Electronista - show that the launch of Windows 7 resulted in Microsoft's latest operating system rising to a 2.15 percent share of the computer market last month, which is pretty good for an operating system that was only on active sale for nine days during that period.

Overall, however, the news isn't great for Microsoft: despite still having an overwhelming majority of the market at 92.52 percent, Windows has lost ground to its rival Mac OS X which has now reached a 5.27 percent share - an all-time high for Apple's operating system, helped in no small part by the popularity of the company's iPhone devices.

While the launch late last week of the latest version of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution may be helping to encourage adoption of Linux on the desktop, Net Applications' research shows that there is still some way to go: despite desktop Linux having made great strides recently, Linux platforms still account for less than one percentage point of operating system market.

Net Applications' figures show that the bad news continues for Microsoft, with the company's flagship web browser Internet Explorer is barely hanging on to its majority hold on the market with 64.64 percent - with the loss made from users switching to Firefox, Chrome, and Safari which have seen their shares of the market rise to 24.07, 3.58, and 4.42 percent respectively.

Do you believe that Windows 7 will help Microsoft regain the ground it has lost to Apple, or is there a reason users are abandoning Windows for the fruitier side of the market? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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