Google adds HDR support to YouTube

November 8, 2016 | 11:15

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YouTube, Google's video streaming platform, has announced the release of a platform update which brings support for high dynamic range (HDR) content, providing users have a compatible display device.

Available on PC and through Google's new Chromecast Ultra streaming device, as well as YouTube-compatible Samsung TVs pending a firmware upgrade, YouTube's HDR update allows creators to upload and share content with a wider colour gamut, offering more detail in both the highlights and the shadows of the image. 'Simply put,' YouTube's Steven Robertson and Sanjeev Verma modestly put it in their joint announcement, 'HDR unlocks the most spectacular image quality we've ever streamed.'

Naturally, there are restrictions on exactly who can enjoy the new HDR support. Content creators will need to be capturing video with an HDR-compatible camera and editing with a complete HDR-ready workflow, and any existing videos which were uploaded to YouTube before the switch will need to be reuploaded to take advantage of HDR support. Viewers, meanwhile, will need an HDR-compatible display device and to find one of the limited number of HDR videos currently available, the limited bulk of which are currently gathered in this launch playlist.

'HDR adds a whole new dimension of creative freedom and visual spectacle, and we've barely scratched the surface of what this means for storytelling,' YouTube's joint spokespeople concluded of the upgrade. 'We can't wait to see the amazing videos you're going to make with HDR.'
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