HighPoint card enables DIY hybrid drives

February 1, 2011 | 12:22

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Storage controller specialist HighPoint has announced a new host bus adapter card, which promises to turn any normal hard drive and SSD into a hybrid storage device.

The HighPoint RocketHybrid card combines the company's 88SE9130 SATA 6Gbps controller with a technology the company calls HyperDuo, designed to create hybrid storage devices that combines the best of both worlds.

When a hard drive is combined with an SSD on a RocketHybrid card, the company claims that users can access 100 per cent of the hard drive's storage capacity, while benefiting from 80 per cent of the speed boost offered by the SSD.

The 'hybrid drive' approach is nothing new in the industry, with storage specialist Seagate pushing its own brand of SSD-equipped mechanical hard drives in favour of pure SSDs. However, HighPoint's approach means that any two devices can be linked to create a custom hybrid drive tailored to your own needs.

HighPoint has confirmed that two devices, the RocketHybrid 1220 and RocketPoint 1222, will be available when the range launches later this month. Both offer support for one SSD and one mechanical drive on a single PCI-E 2.0 low-profile add-in card. Pricing and initial performance figures are not yet available, however.

Do you think HighPoint's approach might be the best way to boost your system's performance, or would you rather have two separate drives? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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