JMicron 612 SSD Controller to feature cache

Written by bit-tech Staff

May 28, 2009 | 15:26

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COMPUTEX 2009: After all the palaver with "JMicron SSD controllers" to date, JMicron is set to launch a new controller that features cache to prevent stuttering and should also be cheaper than Indilinx and Samsung as well.

The JMicron JMF612 SSD controller should be available to OEMs in late June or July and is different from Indilinx and Samsung because it can accept a wider variety of DDR or DDR2 cache, up to 256MB, rather than specifically "mobile DRAM" as well as, more importantly, a variety of NAND Flash IC from the likes of Toshiba, Intel, and Micron. This is instead of the most expensive Samsung chips which the Samsung and Indilinx controllers are currently limited to.

Whether the 612 can be tamed into a high performance, low price beast is yet to be seen, but at least the wider variety of combination, in conjunction with the extremely competitive SSD market will certainly yield some interesting results.

JMicron's current 602 controller costs $10 to 12, while the Indilinx is $15, however there's no word on the price of the new 612 but we expect should be more competitive with Indilinx considering the savings that can be made elsewhere.

It might be wise to hold off on that SSD purchase, because the second half of this year will get even more competitive!

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