RunCore launches InVincible self-destructing SSDs

May 17, 2012 | 09:54

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Solid-state storage specialist RunCore has announced a new range of solid-state drives (SSDs) with an intriguing feature designed for the lucrative paranoiac market: a physical self-destruct button.

Dubbed the RunCore InVincible range - ironic, considering the primary selling point of being completely vincible on demand - the system supports two different methods of data destruction. The first overwrites the drive with gibberish, using what the company claims is an 'intelligent' algorithm to ensure no data is recoverable.

The second method is slightly more impressive: it applies a high current to the NAND flash memory modules themselves, physically destroying the hardware and ensuring that nothing will be recoverable - including the drive itself.

Described by RunCore in understated fashion as 'less subtle,' the company is hoping the technology will find favour with data security types in the aerospace and military fields, as well as to help protect trade secrets across multiple industries.

To operate the physical destruction system, the RunCore drive comes with externally-mounted buttons linked to a specially-constructed power and data cable. Press the big red panic button and the data - and drive - go away, permanently.

RunCore's InVincible drives are, clearly, a niche product - so much so, in fact, that the company hasn't bothered to publicise capacities or performance details, preferring instead to focus on the fireworks available at the press of a button. For markets where security is key, however, this is likely to prove a winning strategy - and it hardly even matters that RunCore isn't sharing the price, either.

To demonstrate the capabilities of its self-destruct system, RunCore has released a video showing a drive going pop.
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