Samsung announces SSD 840 Evo in sizes up to 1TB

Written by Edward Chester

July 18, 2013 | 01:09

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Samsung has unveiled its latest range of SSDs in the shape of the Samsung SSD 840 Evo, which will be available in sizes up to 1TB.

The new series is set to replace Samsung's highly regarded and largely class-leading Samsung SSD 840 range, with the key improvement being much faster write speeds.

The Samsung SSD 840 series has read speeds up to 540MBps and write speeds up to 330MBps while the new range ups the latter to 520MBps. Random 4KB read speeds have also improved, going from 7,900 IOPS to 10,000 IOPS.

The drives also boast improved sequential write performance thanks to TurboWrite, a write-buffering technology. This particularly benefits the lower capacity drives (which due to a lower number of NAND modules have lower overall performance), with the 120GB model tripling in speed and the 250GB drive doubling. Meanwhile the 500GB+ drives would be limited to 420MBps were it not for TurboWrite.

Samsung announces SSD 840 Evo in sizes up to 1TB

The drives utilise Samsung's own 10nm 3-bit MLC NAND as well as its new MEX controller. The former is the company's key technology advantage as it still is the only major player in triple-level NAND, with most other manufacturers limited to 2-bit MLC. The reduction in size from 22nm to 19nm also allows for greater data density and thus the higher capacity models.

As well as the new hardware technology the new drives will come with easy upgrade software including Samsung Data Migration Tool 2.0. As well as making it easy for consumers to migrate their data to the new drive it also includes an option to automatically copy media files to another drive.

Available in standard 2.5in form factors and capacities of 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1TB, the new drives will be arriving in 'the next month or so' with pricing in line with existing SSD840 drives, i.e. from $109.99 to $649.99 (ex taxes).
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