Seagate announces PCIe SSDs

January 27, 2010 | 14:02

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Seagate has announced that it is planning a range of PCI Express-connected SSDs, in partnership with controller specialist LSI.

Continuing to distance itself from comments made back in 2008 by then-CEO Bill Watkins that solid-state storage wouldn't make a splash compared to traditional mechanical drives,Seagate has announced a continuation of its partnership with LSI which will culminate in the release of several PCIe SSD models aimed at the enterprise market.

As announced over on HotHardware, the devices are designed to compete directly with those from companies such as Fusion-IO, which recently combined eight of its PCIe-based ioDrive cards to create a system capable of transferring 1TB/s and boasts Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as its chief scientist.

Whatever Seagate's plans are for SSDs at the consumer level, this isn't it: aimed firmly at the data centre crowd, Seagate and LSI's SSDs will be high-performance and high-price - more for those running World of Warcraft servers than the World of Warcraft client. Solid-state storage has long held the promise of massive amounts of operations per second and stunning random access times, which makes it - theoretically, at least - the Holy Grail for hosting large databases. Its high price has traditionally kept it from all but the biggest players in the industry, but with more companies looking to produce enterprise grade devices the competition will only drive prices down.

Speaking of prices, Seagate sadly hasn't: so far it has yet to announce anything firm about its partnership, from expected product shipping dates to capacity and price. Expect to be going cap in hand to the bank manager if you want one of these in your next gaming rig, though.

Are you still pinning your hopes on SSD as the next big thing for performance computing, or will mechanical drives always have the price/performance edge? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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