Seagate, Micron partner up for enterprise SSDs

February 13, 2015 | 11:16

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Memory maker Micron and storage specialist Seagate have announced a partnership which will see the companies cooperate on the creation of new product lines.

Described by the pair as a 'strategic agreement,' the partnership - financial details of which have not been disclosed - is to initially focus on next-generation enterprise-grade solid-state drives (SSDs) using the Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) interface standard, for which Micron will be supplying the NAND flash modules required. It's more than just a supplier-consumer relationship, however, with the deal stretching into multiple years and promising 'future collaboration on enterprise storage solutions featuring Micron NAND flash memory.'

'This agreement enables Seagate to secure a strategic supply of NAND flash memory and enables collaboration on future products and technologies,' claimed Seagate executive vice president Phil Brace of the deal. 'Our companies are leaders in the storage industry, and in working together we build on that success.'

'The collaboration will assure both Seagate and Micron target the growing enterprise flash market with industry-leading offerings across both of our product portfolios,' added Darren Thomas, Micron's vice president in charge of storage products. 'The relationship provides Micron access to enterprise drive technology and platforms, expanding our portfolio and accelerating our push into the enterprise market segment.'

For Seagate, the deal is something of a volte face: former chief executive Bill Watkins famously decried the technology, and even when Bill Watkins was replaced by Steve Luczo and the first Seagate SSDs announced - then delayed - the company preferred to push its hybrid drives, which use a small NAND flash cache to speed up access of frequently-used data stored on traditional spinning-rust platters.

Neither Micron nor Seagate have announced when the first fruits of their partnership will be launched, nor whether it will extend to consumer-level hardware launches.
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