TAITRA talks up this year's Computex trade show

Written by John Freeman

April 30, 2008 | 15:59

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The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), in conjunction with Taiwan Computer Association (TCA) and the Taiwan Design Center (TDC), held a press conference this afternoon in Taipei to enlighten prospective clients looking to participate in this year's Computex trade show, which will be held from 3rd to 7th June 2008.

The first speaker, Executive Vice President of TAITRA, Mr. Walter Yeh, spoke about the importance of Computex and the divergence of venues that's taking place for the first time this year.

In the past, the four exhibition halls for the venue were in the immediate surroundings of the Hsin-Yi 101 complex. However, this year the show will be split between the Hsin-Yi area and a new massive complex built in a neighbouring suburb called Nangang. The Nangang facilities are the new hub for the TWTC Exhibition and the massive hall is said to double the previous exhibition space for prospective vendors to display their wares.

According to the statistics handed out at the press conference, the addition of the Nangang complex has enabled an increase in exhibitors, up by 28.28 percent from last year, while the actual number of booths from the 1,710 exhibitors has increased more than 50 percent on previous years to 4,482 booths.

TAITRA has projected that more than 35,000 buyers will generate US$20 billion of revenue in initial orders, with roughly US$50 billion worth of follow up orders. Mr. Yeh was quick to point out when questioned about the shuttle service between the two venues, that while it may be an inconvenience, they are doing the utmost to make it more enjoyable, with a shuttle service every five to ten minutes. As many as ten and probably more buses will be fitted out with WiMAX capabilities so buyers and websites like bit-tech can stay connected while transiting between venues. It's just a shame that none of us have WiMAX-enabled notebooks yet…

With the increase in floor space, TAITRA believes that it is now possible for there to be a true convergence of the ITC chain. From Computer IT to medical electronics, IC applications as well as many recognised brands all converging in Taipei to show off the latest in gadgets and technological advances.

Other key points mentioned included the focus on Green IT this year in the Computex Summit forum where guest speakers include HP's Environmental Director, and Sun's Practice Director who will speak about Eco Innovation. With lots of vendors looking to capitalise on the Global Warming crisis that they helped to create, TAITRA says that we can look forward to seeing many interesting innovations designed to save our planet little by little.

Mr. Yeh introduced Mr. Li Chang, Deputy Secretary General of the TCA, who spoke about the WiMAX forum that will be held in conjunction with Computex in Hall 2, thus creating a convergence of technologies which makes both good economic sense for vendors, many of whom are already manufacturing both technologies, but also for prospective buyers who no longer have to travel to Taiwan for two shows, as you can find them both at the same time at Computex.

Later Mr. Yeh explained that the cross over of technology was an essential step in creating a bigger and better Computex. In addition, this year will host a Korean pavilion as well as 24 companies from China, thus setting the stage for a regional melting pot of ITC wares fit for any discerning buyer's plate.

When asked about the relative importance of Computex on the world stage as a large ITC trade show that's now second to CeBIT in terms of size. Mr. Yeh responded by saying that "size is not important, importance is important," thus implying that if you want to find that special something from the ITC world, Mr. Yeh believes that your only choice is Computex Taiwan. One thing's for sure - bit-tech will be down on the show floor to cover the event in typical fashion. Expect to see lots of news come the first week of June.

Are you looking forward to what's going to be announced at Computex this year? What do you think will be the most interesting innovation at this year's show? Share your thoughts with us in the forums.
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