Team Group displays prototype 128GB SSD

March 16, 2007 | 06:53

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It seems like solid-state storage is really trying to make a serious move into the market this year, with Sandisk already showing us its 32GB SATA drive.

We popped along to see Taiwanese memory manufacturer, Team Group Inc. – a brand that’s popular among enthusiast circles – to find that the company was displaying its latest solid-state drive.

Like the Sandisk, Team Group’s SSD uses a SATA interface and is the same size as a standard 2.5” notebook hard drive. However, this one boasts four times the capacity of Sandisk’s drive and also comes with an IDE interface too.

The drives on Team Group’s stand were not functional though, and the company didn’t commit to a timeframe on when we can expect these capacities to appear in the solid-state market.

Finally, Team’s solid-state drives don’t perform as well as Sandisk’s on paper, with only 25MB/sec read and 18MB/sec write speeds. However, company reps were quick to say that the drives would be twice as fast by the time they make it to the market. That date hasn’t been confirmed yet though, and neither has the expected retail price.

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