Texas shows 100k:1 contrast TV

Written by Wil Harris

January 10, 2007 | 21:43

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Texas Instruments is the master of DLP HDTVs, and this is a reputation that has only been enforced by the company's showing here in Vegas.

By using LEDs instead of lamps, TI has managed to shrink down both TVs and projectors to super-small sizes, and the consequent concept designs for new products in 07 look fantastic.

On the show floor is a projector that runs RGB LEDs instead of lamps. The difference in the size, power and heat properties mean that this projector pocket sized - perfect for the upcoming wave of personal audio and video players.

Using this technology, TI has also built some concept projectors for gamers. Given that consoles like the 360 benefit massively from big-screen, high-def rendering, designs like this one could be a huge success - it certainly got me thinking about the best way to sneak it into my bag.

It's not all about projectors though. This DLP TV uses LED technology to create a massive contrast ratio - estimated at 100,000:1. By using super-fast switching of the LEDs and the mirrors, black areas of the screen can be projected with the LEDs actually shut off, meaning the blacks are really black. The birghtness inherent in the technology means that, by contrast, the whites are really white, too.

TI calls this technology solid-state illumination and, of course, the display is full 1080p.

In use, this technology looks fantastic, with amazing vibrance from the DLP TV even in a much-smaller-than-average housing. Expect to see TVs starting to use this technology from partners including Samsung in 07.

Would you love to pick up one of these? Let us know over in the forums.

Pocket sized DLP projectors.

Concept Xbox 360 projector design.

Small footprint DLP HDTV and LED based DLP HDTV.

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