TVersity released

December 4, 2007 | 09:28

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TVersity has announced the official release of build for Windows operating systems. For those of you who have been living in a media-free box, TVersity is a nifty little programme to turn your PC into a UPnP media server free of charge.

Already featuring support for pretty much every client device under the sun, version features support for the December 2007 Xbox
360 Dashboard Update - which introduces significantly updated media support for the console. I have the software working with a raft of
devices from the Xbox 360 in my living room to the Roku SoundBridge in my bedroom, and it even plays nicely with my Nokia 770.

Xbox 360 support was achieved in the past by having TVersity transcode your files from their native format to WMV – the only format supported natively by the console. The workaround was pretty snazzy but did require a fairly highly-specced PC if you wanted to play high-definition content.

Thanks to Microsoft's decision to include DivX (and hence XviD) support in the December Update, TVersity no longer has to transcode files in these formats. It's not a complete solution – support for Matroska containers often used for high-definition downloads is sadly lacking – but it certainly knocks the socks off the basic UPnP support built into Windows Media Player 11.

The update also includes enhanced support for the new Firmware 2 for PlayStation 3. Both next-generation consoles will now be able to fast-forward and rewind during streamed media, including media that is being transcoded by the host PC at the time. Support for Windows Mobile 2 devices has also been added for all you smartphone owners.

You can grab this latest release from the TVersity website. Do you use TVersity or are you now going to try it? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.
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