Ultra shows off carbon fibre case

Written by Wil Harris

January 9, 2007 | 03:14

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We headed down to Ultra today to see what the company, best known for being the first to market with modular PSUs, had to offer.

There was a cool amount of new kit, the most impressive of which is undoubtedly the new carbon fibre based case. This is an aluminium frame with side and top plates made out of real carbon fibre, and it really looks the business.

As part of this case, Ultra is again delivering something new on the PSU front. Are you fed up of having to route cables from your PSU across your case, down to your hard drives and VGA cards? This case incorporates a PCB - you can plug the connects into the top of the PCB, right next to the PSU, and these lines run down the case and you only have to run a small cable between the PCB and your VGA card. This is a pretty sweet cable management solution, and we look forward to seeing exactly how it works.

Also on show was a 2kW PSU - yes, you read that right. It's pretty huge, almost the size of two PSUs bolted together, and it has a 80mm fan and a 130mm fan. This is going to be the PSU to have to run Quad FX with GeForce 8800 SLI, we suspect - bonkers.

Slightly more practically, Ultra also had the world's smallest 1kW PSU on show - it's basically the size of an average PSU, and it's modular. A pretty sweet deal.

We can't wait to really get testing some of this stuff, as it seems Ultra keeps on innovating in the power space. Let us know your thoughts on the pics over in the forums.

The Ultra carbon fibre case.

PSU routing PCB.

2kw PSU.

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