Frog in Top Hat backs Blu-ray

Written by Jason Cundall

October 21, 2005 | 16:03

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It seems that Warner Brothers is being two faced (or is that dual layered?) when it comes to the next gen DVD format. It had previously given it support to the HD-DVD camp, but the company has now decided that it'll release home video content on both of the competing standard - a move that is becoming popular in the Hollywood Hills:

"Warner Bros. Entertainment said Thursday that its home video division will release DVDs in the high-definition Blu-ray format. The move further tips the scales in an industry weighing the merits of two rival next-generation technologies.

Warner, which had decided to distribute films in the popular HD DVD format, is now the second big Hollywood company to say it will also release films in Blu-ray. However, the trend toward supporting two formats seems to be one-directional; companies dedicated to Blu-ray have not moved to add HD DVD to their mix.

The competing formats are each backed by powerful technology companies, including Sony for Blu-ray and Toshiba for HD DVD, leading analysts and executives to fear a format war similar to the one between VHS and Betamax more than two decades ago."

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So what does this mean in the greater struggle for next gen DVD domination? Well, Sony is gathering more and more support - It hasn't reached critical mass yet, but it is looking increasingly like the Big S will be victorious in the long run - something that heavyweight analysts Forrester Research predicted earlier in the week.

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