We know what you typed last summer

Written by Joe Martin

December 6, 2007 | 11:38

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According to a new white-paper published by Remote Exploit, wireless keylogging could be one of the next big security threats for PC users. The paper, which was written with the help of Dreamlab Technologies, highlights how it is possible to remotely intercept signals from wireless peripherals such as keyboards.

The security hack works only against keyboards using radio technology to transmit, not Bluetooth. However, although Bluetooth is finding a more secure foothold in the industry, companies such as Microsoft and Logitech continue to use radio technology.

Most wireless peripherals operate on a radio frequency of 27Mhz, which was previously thought to be secure from most casual attacks. The white-paper demonstrates how it is possible to use a simple radio receiver, a soundcard and some basic PC software to intercept these signals and reveal what users have been typing.

The current test worked only at a distance of ten meters, but it was stressed that this was because only low-end technology was being used in the test. More powerful and sophisticated set-ups would be able to pick up the signals at a greater distance.

The full report, as well as a demonstration of the attack, can be viewed on the RemoteExploit site.

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