Wi-Fi connectivity record smashed!

Written by Jason Cundall

August 2, 2005 | 14:52

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Having problems with signal strength and coverage of your wi-fi network? Maybe you need to talk to these guys, who have smashed the world distance record for an unamplified wifi connection. Mind you, it looks as if they had to suffer for their art, what with the trials and tribulations of setting up are anything to go by:

LAS VEGAS -- A group of young hackers who broke a world record for Wi-Fi connectivity last year can expect to hear from the Guinness folks again.

This year they doubled their distance in a connection that crossed state lines and linked a mountain with a molehill.

The team, iFiber-Redwire, competed for the second time in the Wi-Fi shootout contest last weekend at the DefCon hacker conference here, and achieved a 124.9-mile unamplified connection from atop a mountain in Nevada and a small mound in Utah. (Wired magazine helped sponsor the contest.)

That was several dozen miles farther than the 55.1-mile link that won them the contest last year. They maintained the connection for three hours.

More from Wired here.

Wow. OK - it's not a day to day setup, but it's an achievement none the less. It shows just how resilient the basic wifi signal is, if properly focused... But the real kicker is that they also smashed the ground based amplified record as well!

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