Yorkfield to launch at 3GHz

Written by Tim Smalley

September 20, 2007 | 14:27

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We already know that Penryn will launch on November 12th but we’ve now learned what clock speed it will launch at. Or at least, what it will launch at on the desktop, as Intel hasn’t confirmed whether the desktop is the launch platform yet.

The first 45nm desktop processor will be a quad-core Yorkfield chip clocked at 3.00GHz using a 1333MHz front side bus – exactly the same speed as Intel’s current flagship, the Core 2 Extreme QX6850.

It’ll be called the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 and, according to Intel, it will be the world’s first lead-free processor. The chip will have 12MB of L2 cache, which will be split into two 6MB shared L2 caches as this is still a dual dual-core design, and with it being an Extreme edition, the multiplier will be completely unlocked.

Despite using a smaller manufacturing process, the chip’s thermal design power will still be 130W. Intel has three TDP bands that its processors fit into – 65W, 95W and 130W that its processors fit into for simplicity purposes. Therefore, we’re still expecting the Wolfdale to use less power at the wall than a Kentsfield at the same frequency.

Although Intel hasn’t released pricing details, we’re expecting the chip to come in at US$999 per 1,000 chips – the same price as Intel’s current flagship processor.

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Intel has also disclosed some preliminary performance numbers in several of its presentations too. In scenarios that aren’t SSE4-optimised, we can expect to see a 7 to 13 percent performance increase over Kensfield at the same clock speed. In SSE4-optimised scenarios, the differential shoots up to a massive 63 percent when encoding video using DivX 6.6, which features experimental SSE4 support.

By the time these processors are launched, we may see even larger performance differentials – I guess we’ll have to wait until we’ve got one of the new chips in the bit-tech labs.

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