YOYOTech drops Cooler Master UCP 900W price

Written by Tim Smalley

November 28, 2008 | 19:08

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Following our review of the Cooler Master UCP Ultimate 900W power supply on Thursday, the company has contacted us to tell us that it has dropped the price in light of our conclusions.

YOYOTech is now selling the UCP 900W for just under £146 (inc. VAT), effective immediately.

While we won't be updating our review's conclusions and scores to reflect this price change--if we do it for one product, we'd have to do it for every one on every price change--it does impact the unit's value without a doubt.

Richard Swinburne, bit-tech's power supply guru, gave his reaction over the phone earlier as he's been busy eyeing up some new display technology this afternoon in London.

He said that the price drop makes it a much better premium power supply that's definitely worth considering and that he thinks it's now much better value for money too. However, he was keen to stress that it's not the only power supply worthy of a recommendation in this price range.

There are others like the Antec Signature 850W and the Corsair HX1000W, which he said were on fairly even footing with the UCP 900W and it would depend what you were looking for.

Ultimately, the price drop is a good thing for consumers and opting for the UCP 900W is, without doubt, a great choice for a high-end system - and it's now much better value than before.

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